Masaba Gupta’s latest Anti-plastic Clothline

‘I Will Wear Out Plastic’ : A clothing line launched by an Indian Fashion designer, Masaba Gupta, towards an ‘Anti-plastic’ move.
The clothing line features clothes, with detachable bags built within the garment itself.
The collection is a part of United Nations Environment Programme (India) and Ogilvy India campaign that works on abandoning single-use plastic.
According to Masaba, fashion is a great means of communicating to people.. Everything follows and understands fashion, because it is not hard work to understand.
She along with her team thought that doing a collection of clothes which turn into bags would be the perfect thing.
She also talked on how the idea was engaging and a fun concept to watch, which people could incorporate in their everyday lives and it’s best part was that it was sustainable. They worked on it for about 1.5 years.
“This creative collection aims to reduce the use of plastic bags in a unique way. Each garment has, as an exclusive accessory, a detachable reusable bag that is a fashion statement by itself. If you are an impulsive shopper, this is your go-to collection to do your bit for the environment, and fashionably too”, Gupta added.
The anti-plastic clothline was launched on Wednesday and will be available in stores and online.
“The fashion industry is also known to produce the most global wastage. This time, we’re using fashion as a tool for empowerment and activism,” Masaba shared.
Masaba spoke out emotionally; how she got hurt when she saw polluted oceans and affected marine life.
World famous designers like McCartney have also been working on sustainable fashion.
It’s time when every individual should boycott single-use plastic and move towards making a sustainable environment.

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