Masks and Sanitizers now essential commodities: Government

The Indian government has declared masks(2 ply and 3 ply surgical masks and NH95) and sanitizers as essential commodities under the Essential Commodities Act on Friday.

The decision of declaring it as essential commodities was made due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has now hit over 80 people in India including 2 deaths.

The move came after it was found that the two commodities that could prevent Coronavirus were either not available with pharmacists or were at sky- touching prices.

These items will remain under essential commodities segment till June-end, a move aimed at ensuring availability at reasonable prices and cracking down on hoarders/black marketeers.

Offense under the act can invite imprisonment upto 7 years.

Through this decision, the government shall be able to regulate the production and distribution of masks and sanitizers, and to smoothen the sales and availablity of these.

In order to prevent ourself from catching the virus, Covid-19, we should follow certain precautions. These include washing hands with alcohol based sanitizer on frequent basis specially when travelling outdoors, wearing masks to prevent direct contact as well as preventing your virus to spread and avoid large gatherings.

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