Maya Hawke expresses anguish over her parents’ generation

American actor Maya Hawke recently made a statement expressing her anger at her g
parents’ generation in a personal interview with Nylon.
She expressed her anguish saying that things were quite simpler in the times of her parents. She stated that people of those times used to hangout in cars without any worry, pollute the environment and made wrong choices by voting people to power. While, the Gen Z has to face its consequences by suffering the pandemic and staying in instead of going out to party and consuming drugs, at an age when they should’ve.


She also stated that her mom Uma Thurman gave her some tough advices before kicking off her acting career. Factors like age and looks do not affect anyone’s ability to act, she believed.

“I was talking to my friend the other day about this and we’re just so annoyed at our parents’ generation. They had it so easy. They were all just high and driving around in cool, gas-guzzling cars. Destroying our environment and voting for the wrong people, and having no wars and no plagues and no pandemics,” she said. “We’re in our 20s, we’re supposed to be having fun, and doing drugs and partying. But instead…we’re going to SoulCycle and trying to outlive our planet. We have a horrible president, and it’s just really irritating. They really fucked us.” 😬

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