Meditation boosts self- compassion: Study

Self-compassion is about being compassionate or caring for our own self. Keeping self away from all negative self-image and being nice to ourselves in every situation. It has the power to change our life by showing us a positive path.

Recent studies have concluded that meditation can actually boost self-compassion.

Among multiple benefits of meditation, boosting self-compassion is found to be one.

Meditation sets out, the framework for healthy “mechanisms” to grow.  As of such mechanisms is the ability to experience greater meaning from life and the strength to stop avoiding difficult conversations and experiences.

Self-compassion can also be split into three components: the ability to be kind towards yourself and be less self-critical, the ability to recognise that the human experience is never plain sailing and difficult moments are a part of life, and the ability to be aware of unsettling or upsetting emotions and negative feelings and let them pass without ruining our day.

In this way, meditation helps us to nurture a kind inner-voice to help guide us through the inevitable difficult patches which pop up every now and then – so it’s no surprise that it can actually improve our mental health. Mental health is among the most neglected things. We do not pay attention to increasing stress level. The stress caused by our career, relationships etc may lead to severe consequences such as depression or psychosis. Therefore, meditation can prove to be an effective way of boosting self-compassion and enhancing the quality of life.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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