Meizu’s Zero-The Holeless Device is up for Pre-Order!

Last week, we had announced about Vivo’s Apex which had almost no ports. But not long ago, there was new about another booming unique phone on its way. This is the Meizu Zero! This smartphone is said to be smart in its utter sense. It has absolutely no holes or ports!

Yes, it is true. The future of smartphones is supposedly here; and this smartphone is soon to be in the selling sector. You could pre-order one from Indiegogo for $1,299. Here is more information about this device.

The Meizu Zero –

Meizu’s Zero was first announced by AndroidPolice on the 23rd of January, 2019. This was the press release –

Zhuhai, 23rd January 2019 — Meizu Technology Co., Ltd (Meizu) has officially introduced the Meizu zero, the world’s first holeless mobile phone. Building on the foundation of Meizu’s core R&D efforts over the last 15 years, zero harmonizes art and technology which sets new performance levels for Chinese smartphones.

In the upcoming 5G and IoT era, Meizu launches the world’s first holeless mobile phone, a true holeless design combined with superb craftsmanship, embracing the new norm of future Smartphones.

The Meizu Zero looks like any modern phone at first sight. But if you look beyond the display, you’ll notice that there’s absolutely zero port or button. The only disruption in the surface is on the back where the dual cameras and flash hang out.

It is the world’s first holeless mobile phone, uniquely crafted from a three-dimensional ceramic unibody, a true holeless design with IP68 Certified Dust & Water Resistance.
The phone will pack a Snapdragon 845, 5.99″ AMOLED display, 20MP front cam, and Bluetooth 5.0. The device runs Flyme OS 7 with integrated fingerprint sensor.

If it’s Holeless then How does it Work?

  • Power/volume button – The ceramic chassis will be unblemished by ports or buttons, but there will be a “virtual side button”, i.e. a touch sensitive surface for volume and power.
  • Fingerprint – The fingerprint sensor is integrated in the display.
  • Charging port – The device features a large capacity with Meizu’s patented Super mCharge Wireless; the Meizu zero is capable of achieving wireless charging at 18w.
  • USB port – It features Wireless USB, which exceeds the limit of transmission speed.
  • Speakers – It has a ground-breaking mSound 2.0 In-screen Sound Technology, the zero can pump out full audio from its display (sending vibrations through the surface), and combined with its Pressure Sensing Technology.
  • SIM card slot – The device has no SIM slot, instead it accepts only eSIM cards.

More Insight –

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More about the pre-order scenario –

As mentioned earlier, you can purchase this device for $1,299 from Indiegogo. But the supply is limited to just about 100 units for the time being. Each of which comes with Meizu’s special fast wireless charger/data transfer station. Shipping is expected in April, 2019.

Meizu has set a $100,000 funding goal on Indiegogo and 10 backers have voiced their interest so far; one of whom already snatched the pioneering unit. While the entire idea of using crowd-funding seems more like a marketing ploy than anything. It’s commendable that Meizu is at least choosing the fixed funding option; (it won’t get the cash unless the goal is reached).
Also, this being a well-known company, backers are less likely to be scammed out of their money with nothing to show for it. The usefulness of what they will get, however, is up for debate.

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