Men, Listen Up!

For a long time, women have been talking about feminism. For just as long, men have skipped these conversations by calling it “feminazism” or a waste of time, or a hundred other things. But it is now time to listen up. These conversations aren’t about the abstract idea of feminism, but actual things than women face in their lives.

No mumbling

A movement can only succeed when people lend support to it. Feminism isn’t immune to that. It needs support to be able to bring about the social change it intends to. This means that people need to accept feminism and get comfortable with the idea of it. The word itself should not be treated as a taboo. As long as there is shame attached to it, it cannot succeed.  It should be said out loud, proudly. After all, it’s a movement, not He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!

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A major reason men have a problem with people of other genders saying “men are trash” is that they assume it also refers to them. Whenever people from other genders say it, men who are part of that conversation go on a “not all men” rant. They need to understand that the “men” in “men are trash” refers to the general locus of the problem, i.e. most of the power and influence being held by a small number of men.


If there is one thing common between someone who just got their period and someone who just got it for the 50th time, it is their hatred for the phenomenon. The problems associated with menstruation do not get easier with time. They remain just as irritating and annoying for your last period as they are for your first.

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The reason why the right to safe and legal abortion is so important for so many individuals is that pregnancy has a lot more consequences than just another human to know. It comes with health issues, heavy expenditure, additional responsibilities, and much more. It forces women to shift their focus from wherever they want it to be to a child. This can derail someone’s entire life plan, going as far as forcing them to quit their careers.


People sometimes joke about the things that make them scared, in order to lighten up the mood or the environment. More often than not, this is what women are doing when they say “men are trash”. The reasoning behind saying that isn’t abstract. It has real, tangible consequences for women, sometimes even fatal. Which is why they are afraid, for their lives and their safety every moment of their being. No matter where they are, who they are with, there is always a possibility of things going wrong.

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