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When it comes to power in romantic relationships, men are often cast as dominant and women as deferential. But working against this are caricatures of domineering women with their “hen-pecked husbands” and “whipped boyfriends.” 

I can already tell some of you want to leave the page. This article, however, is not exactly what you think it is. After all, who wants to be submissive, following someone else’s rule these days?

Before you give up on this, hear me out. Read on.

I am not a feminist. I do not believe that this word should be given any importance in the modern world of today. Feminism was needed back in the day but not anymore. You women have got so much more than you wanted that today the men need empowerment. Laws are with you, Quotas are for you, police is for you and even sympathy is with you. Finding a feminine and submissive woman today who smells good is like finding a needle in a haystack. We need nothing more . But it’s really so so hard today. 

Most women today are anything but that. The word feminism has ruined modern women to such an extent that it’s really hard to date one. They are a little too masculine, a little too dominant, a little too overbearing, a little too loud, a little too arrogant, a little too self-centred, a little too narcissistic and have really become a little too disrespectful towards their men. And this is the prime reason why men don’t stick around. As soon as you start demonstrating all this, we are gone through the door. Which makes you write that we ghost you. But who made us do it ??. 

Ever wondered why some of your friends who aren’t even that hot are in a happy relationship ??. Because they have the ability to stay feminine. They are not overbearing or dominant around their man. All she does is what many modern women don’t is stay feminine and respect him. He does not ask her to not go office and chase her dreams. He supports her and she supports him back. But in the midst of all this, she has not forgotten that she is a female and has to remain feminine. You will see CEO’s of big MNCs whose husbands earn probably less than them in15+ years of marriage. They still are in happy marriages. Reason: She is still feminine. She respects her man and let her stay the man of the house. 

You know you are hot. You know you are a good looking female. This will get your attention. Surely will get you laid but as soon as you start showing your real modern feminist side, he’s gone. Most of you today are complete slobs or let’s say a whole lot of you. I remember women dressing up going to just a mall. But these days girls walk around like dudes. They are wearing these loose fitted t-shirts and then you scream nobody wants us. A man does not want to date another man. Well, few do but this is about straight men. Stop acting like men. Remember your feminity and just show that. Many of you dress well and look attractive but when you start talking, it’s like you are with another man. Talking about how many exes you had and what is your body count is not the subject we want to hear from you. This in fact would turn many men off. All we want is a girl who is feminine, submissive and smells good.

Well, let us take a look at the word “submissive” first. It means being willing to be under another person’s authority.

If you think about it, a lot of us are under someone at some point. We have bosses at work. When we were at school, no matter how smart we were, we had to follow the rules and obey our teachers. When we go against the hierarchy of authority, we end up in a lot of mess. The heads of a department are there for a reason – to organize and consolidate. You all should work towards something – a goal. If each person has their own plan without consulting the others, they may not meet the goal.

You will also know if the authority is being abusive. They will just command you to do something without asking how you feel about the task. Submissive wives can also leave if they find themselves in an abusive relationship. A submissive woman is not a doormat. We should make this fact clear. She is, however, someone who can be a submissive wife to her husband, in the biblical sense. It means that she must follow his plans, even if she does not wholly agree.

However, a submissive wife is more than that. According to the Bible or during a Hindu marriage, rules are not for the wife alone. The husband has his role to play as well.

A good husband must respect and cherish his wife, much like God does to his church or a priest to his temple. So, his submissive wife does not simply blindly obey. She knows that she is in safe hands and that she can take his lead.

So, to be clear, a submissive wife is not someone who:

  • does not have a say. Instead, the submissive wife can voice out her opinions because a reasonable man would want to understand her feelings.
  • is controlled by a dominant husband. She is a partner, but a willing one.

A submissive wife is:

  • someone who does what she does out of love for her husband.
  • someone who helps her husband as they work together to achieve their goals.
  • a godly woman who believes her man is the leader of the family.
  • a strong woman who chooses to be her husband’s helper.
  • someone who thrives in mutual respect.
Let me be honest,I don’t know a single man who likes his woman talking back and being disrespectful. The problem is not that you do the shit test. The problem is you never stop . This test should happen before the dating. You guys already did sex . So, now plz fucking shut up and stop being disrespectful.  We cannot stay with such a woman for long. We long for your company and have a good time but instead you just poison drip us. The end results is guys ghost and end up turning elsewhere. So stop shit testing all the time and being disrespectful and instead support the guy. If you think this through, you will realize, you do the same. If you find a man whom you can just walk over, he is not dominating enough, you just look elsewhere. Similarly, if our woman is not submissive and feminine enough, be masculine all the time and act like a dude, we look elsewhere. 
Sometimes, men are like that who do not take lead on anything. Women hate such men. They will start hating you. Being a man you have to be in charge and lead the way. You need to stop depending on her. If you want her to be submissive and feminine then you need to be masculine and dominant. But sometimes you will end up like I did. Being with a narcissistic woman you cannot try to be masculine or dominant. She will keep doing the shit test, will keep finding ways to disrespect you and your family, will try and play these mind games. That is when you just get up and say, “I am done. I don’t have enough energy power in me for this relationship. You are just too masculine and dominating and this is way too much. I am leaving.”
I remember coming back home after playing weekend football. I was tired and hurt. My body was aching but all she did was ask me if I needed a glass of water. She could have got me a hot towel or just come and ask if I needed anything else. She just left me on the couch and asked me after 20mins if I needed a hot chocolate. She never cared to look as to why I was limping, lying dead on the couch, sweating like a mad dog. This is just one of the situations I can remember. When she came back from the office I remember giving her a kiss on her forehead at the door. Gave her a glass of lemonade. At times I would go and try to give her a neck massage and at times have even given her foot massage. Most of the time she never let me but I did it all because I wanted to make her feel cared for.  The point here is, a man can do a lot for you but your modern feminism has taken away the real lady from you. Look at your mom and you will have your answer.  Most of you will! 😉
Respect your man, support him, care for him, love him and tell him each day that we can make this work. A good man will never stop you from chasing your dreams. If you have a bigger career than him, awesome. That is a bonus. But if you don’t have a job or end up losing because you guys are now married and need to start a family, he is not leaving. Stay feminine, respectful, submissive and make an effort to smell good down there. Equality may not be the best policy – at least when it comes to starting a family. While you may protect yourself and your children, let your husband feel the brunt of his role as the head of the family and make him feel like a hero for your family. Give him that responsibility. He must love and cherish you and your children. Show him that he can provide security in many forms.

It will offer him a sense of accomplishment and joy. Remember that you and your children are the best things he ever has. So, he will willingly want to do this. Let him do what he enjoys doing.

Let him defend you. Again, it does not mean that you are too helpless to defend yourself. Let him defend you. Let him feel his role as your husband. You may realize that it is also good to hear him tell other people how special you are to him. Submissiveness within a marriage may not always be how people see it. When done in the proper context of a God-fearing marriage, it can be done right. It is not a matter of merely knowing the scriptures. It is also about being fair and respecting each other’s roles.

Modern men and women have become so independent that they do not care if the other is separated from them. It becomes easy to separate or divorce because the spouses have not truly become one. In being a submissive wife, you can show your willingness to be a partner who is dedicated to her role. Of course, you must also find someone willing to take on his role as a devoted husband.

So, are people frowning at the fact you have devoted yourself as a submissive wife? If they are willing to listen, you can talk about how the setup works. The giving and taking in this marriage is what makes it work. I am a believer in equalism. 


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