Messages to share on Yorkshire Day 2021

Yorkshire Day is celebrated every year on August 1 to promote the culture and beauty of the historic county of Yorkshire, England. The Day is celebrated since 1975 in the United Kingdom (UK). Read this article to find out some beautiful quotes, messages, and slogans to share with your friends and family to celebrate Yorkshire Day.

“As a young girl, I was too intent on getting to London and drama school and out of east Yorkshire to think about winning Oscars. I did win a Bafta once, and was so unprepared for it I jabbered on for a minute – a minute too long.”

‘I love the honesty of people from Yorkshire. When you’re trying to test material, you want people to let you know if it’s funny or not, and here they’ll definitely let you know!’ – John Bishop

‘Yorkshire people are first and foremost friendly and we do things without much fanfare. We are understated and love the countryside here. One of the special things about Yorkshire is that a lot has not changed. You can go to the Dales and, apart from the fact there are now more cars, they’ve not changed for 20 years and you go back after another 20 and there’s still no change.’ – Alistair Brownlee

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“I come from Beverley in East Yorkshire, and no one there would step outside their front door, or even their back door, on a Saturday night – or any other time, for that matter – unless they were dressed to the nines.”

And roast beef and Yorkshire pudding is my personal signature dish.”

All anyone really needs to know about barbed wire is that it can tear the arse out of your trousers, give a cow a good fright, entangle a Yorkshire terrier for life, and is nasty stuff made by greedy men.”

‘What do yer want to go to London for? It’s nowt but 20 Doncasters end to end.’ – Lesley Garrett’s father Derek

‘People from Yorkshire are very proud of their underachievement. You see these old fellas in the pub going: ‘I’ve had a great life, me. Gone nowhere. Done fuck all. Aye.’ – Paul Tonkinson

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