Facebook’s Messenger lets you Sync Instagram contacts

With one of the recent news from TechCrunch, it looks like Facebook’s Messenger and Instagram have a link. This link is nothing but the contact list of your Instagram account syncing with that of your Messenger account.

How to use this sync feature on Messenger?

The feature was first noticed by a computer science student, known as Jane Manchun Wong. She had posted a screenshot of this Messenger feature on Twitter. The tweet is as shown in the image below –

In order to sync your Instagram account’s contacts with your Messenger account’s contacts, just follow the steps mentioned here –

Step 1) Go to the “People” tab.

Step 2) Below the usual “Sync Contacts” option, there’s another option – “Sync Instagram Account” or in few phones it is also referred as “Connect Instagram” option. Click on this option.

That’s about it. Now your contacts as well as your profile from Instagram, i.e. Username and account would be visible on Messenger.

Note – The sync takes place automatically. That is, once you choose this “Connect Instagram” option, there is no clarification/s verification or Confirm or Cancel option. Hence, once you select the option, whether you like it or not, the contacts get synced from Instagram to Messenger.

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Is it available to everyone globally?

Yes, According to TechCrunch, Facebook has confirmed this news and rolls out this feature worldwide. But if you haven’t received an update or if the feature is not visible yet, then just have some patience and you would get it soon.
One example of the feature being used in other countries, is shown here.

Why did Facebook take this step?

Initially in December, 2017, TechCrunch had pointed out a similar import contacts option in the exact same People section. But this feature never launched publicly or officially.
And now, with this new Sync feature, it seems like the next step in Messenger.

Every now and then there were quite a few updates and new features for Facebook’s Instagram app. But Facebook’s Messenger received lesser attention towards new features or updates. And possibly the main reason behind Facebook giving out this feature, is to integrate all Facebook apps.

Instagram’s Direct Messaging has also grown over the past few months, thus it seems like the best time for Messenger to get the sync feature.

Although this feature helps many to sync their Instagram accounts with Messenger, yet few find this feature quite annoying. This is mainly because of the absence of the Confirm/Cancel option.

Thus with many more interesting features to be released soon, Facebook and its co-apps surely continue to grow further and gain more users.

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