9 Ways to Secure Information on Cloud

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services like servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, etc. over the Internet (“the cloud”).

Cloud computing has a reasonable amount of security but it is indeed hack-able. With the growing technological knowledge, hackers too are more knowledgeable. And here are few common consequences faced due to security breach on cloud –

  • Hijack of accounts.
  • Permanent or temporary loss of data.
  • Malware or virus infections on the devices.
  • Hack or threat to the interfaces.
  • Cloud service abuse.
  • Regulatory controls being violated.
  • ..etc.

Yes, there are many risks involved but that doesn’t mean cloud can’t be made secure in order to prevent the risks.

How to safeguard information on Cloud?

Security breach cases are quite common these days. Though the Cloud Storage guards your information to some extent, yet the hackers tend to find some or the other way to breach into your account.
Hence, here are few methods to safeguard the information on Cloud.

1) Anti-virus Software –

This is a good method in case the system you’re on itself is a threat. Provide protection to the system as otherwise you would be inviting hackers to access your account. So make sure to install anti-viruses.

2) Back-up data –

Just like any other information be it phone or desktop, it is always safe to back-up your data. You could either back-up on another cloud storage or locally on an external storage device. This would prevent any kind of loss of data, in case there is a hack.

3) 2 FA –

Two Factor Authentication is a very good way to secure your account. It’s used widely to secure Gmail accounts to even cryptocurrencies. It is always better to get authentication such as temporary passwords on another device such as your mobile phone. This would even keep track of who logs into your account.

4) Encrypt data locally –

Use cloud services that can encrypt data before uploading, as this can provide a two level security. Only you could access the data since only you could decrypt it. Even the service providers/administers cannot access the information. Thus, this privacy along with security.

5) Invest in cyber-security insurance & online security protection –

There are all kinds of insurance that we invest in, then why not invest in order to safeguard sensitive information? Getting cyber-security insurance can protect your company if there is a malicious attack.
Spend on online security protection as well, because spending a chunk of money now can help you in future to prevent loss of data. These detect even the first sign of any illegal activity.

6) Strong Passwords and Small Circle –

It is very obvious that you must keep strong passwords for your account. It is the most important and the first step to avoid hacks. You must also avoid keeping the same password for all your accounts.
Keeping in touch with many people can often lead to hackers eventually knowing your credentials. Thus, keep your circle to a minimum and avoid many password inputs.

7) Involve Security in On-going Training –

It is necessary for your team to know how to secure data. So make sure to include data security in your team’s on-going training. These include how to create strong passwords, how to encrypt data, where documents get filed online, how to avoid malware, etc.

8) Change passwords frequently & avoid Storing Sensitive information –

It is not only important to have good strong passwords, but you must also change them frequently. Also, you must change your security questions as well.
The most safeguarded option of all, is to avoid storing sensitive information on cloud altogether. These can include passwords, card details, etc.

9) Test Back-up & Security Measures –

The last but definitely not the least tip, is to test your back-ups and security measures. You will have sense of relief that your data is indeed backed-up well as well as secure properly. Never just assume everything will be alright, always be sure since it involves very valuable data.

Hope these measures are useful and make sure to secure your cloud as Precaution is always better than Cure.

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Navaneetha Suresh

Navaneetha Suresh

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