Methods to safeguard your Gmail account?

Your Gmail account can be considered as one of your most precious assets. Don’t you agree?
Let’s find out why and later find out how to safeguard this precious asset.

Why many people use Gmail?

Gmail is by far the most commonly used email that is efficient, intuitive as well as useful. You could have an idea about its importance if you could just think the various applications of Google as a whole. Apart from Gmail, people use Chrome for web browsing, Android for mobile OS, etc.

Gmail has the following features to reason with the many people using it –

  • It has 15 GB of storage and contains less spam.
  • It also has mobile access which is quite simple and comes in handy at many cases.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It is considered as a reliable cloud service.
  • It can even be used on Smart TVs.

Gmail sure has its security features but at times it just isn’t enough. Especially with the increasing numbers of hackers as well as the news mentioning that Gmail has given access to third – party developers for viewing our mails.

How to safeguard your Gmail account?

There are about billions of monthly active users on Gmail. Clearly, it is among the most popularly used e-mail app worldwide. With this being said, one can only imagine the amount of information it stores. Bank account details, transactions, secret mails, personal files, photos, documents, hangouts, chat logs, etc. The list is too long to be remembered, and what if these get hacked?


It would be shocking if you weren’t because there are numerous of cases every day reporting to cyber activities or crimes, especially hacking.

You could very much be the next victim! Or worse, you might not even realise you were being hacked! That is the level of technology these days.
But at the same time, the technology also gives out new hope to prevent or avoid such hack-able attempts.

Also, as mentioned earlier with the third – party developers getting access of your private details via your mails, only increases your concern.
So here are few methods in order to help keep your Gmail account safe –

1) 2 FA –

Two Factor Authentication is a very good way to secure your account. It’s used widely to secure various accounts, including cryptocurrencies. It is always safer to get authentication such as temporary passwords on another device such as your mobile phone. This would also keep track of who logs into your account. So make sure to turn on your Two Factor Authentication.

2) Third – party developers –

You can find out how many third – party developers or apps have the access of your Gmail account. You could just click here in order to view the settings screen related to the access of third – party apps. This basically lets you see for how long a service or app has been accessing your account (including Google Docs, payments, contacts, etc.). It has various types of permission to you can grant the apps such as read, delete emails, send, etc. And you could also remove the access of that particular app (although few services would not work properly).

3) Anti-virus Software –

This is a good method in case the system you’re on itself is a threat. Provide protection to the system as otherwise you would be inviting hackers to access your account. So make sure to install anti-viruses.
Google makes checking your account security very easy: just use the built-in Security Check-up tool on your account’s “Sign in & security” page.

4) Block the e-mail trackers –

People or company tend to track your emails which you send or receive. They would know when you send the mail or where or even how many times you have read the message.

Clearly they are interfering with the person’s privacy and that is something that no one has a right to do. These people or companies are known as e-mail trackers.

But don’t worry because these e-mail trackers can easily and effectively be protected by the use of Gmelius. This lets us detect as well as block the e-mail trackers.

5) Strong Passwords and Small Circle –

It is very obvious that you must keep strong passwords for your account. It is the most important and the first step to avoid hacks. You must also avoid keeping the same password for all your accounts.

Keeping in touch with many people can often lead to hackers eventually knowing your credentials. Thus, keep your circle to a minimum and avoid many password inputs.

6) Change passwords frequently & avoid using a single Gmail account –

It is not only important to have good strong passwords, but you must also change them frequently. Also, you must change your security questions as well.

It’s vital that you monitor your security details and update your security questions, recovery options, and password.

The most safeguarded option of all, is to avoid using a single Google account consisting all your details. So, a good option is to maintain multiple accounts.

7) Authentication of your e-mails –

On receiving an email, you may notice that next to the sender’s email address there’s a small red padlock. This indicates that the message is potentially unsafe.

This red unlocked icon comes with emails that have not been authenticated by Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. Don’t worry too much if you don’t understand how the technology works. You only need to be concerned if you see this icon and the message has something to do with passwords or other sensitive information. At this point it is wise that you need to contact the sender of these insecure emails if you want plan on exchanging messages with this person in the future.

8) Maintain a recovery mail and mobile number –

Just as we mentioned about maintaining multiple accounts, another important key point is to have a recovery mail as well as mobile number.

The moment you create an account, there would an option to input recovery details. This can be very helpful if you have forgotten your credentials. Also, if you sense some kind of suspicious activity and get locked out of your account, then these recovery details can help you.

You would get an e-mail on your recovery e-mail id if there is some activity like logging into your account from a new device or location.

9) Avoid Public Wi-Fi networks –

Gmail as we all know can be used on any system or any network. If you use it a cyber-café or on any public Wi-Fi network then you are indeed prone to various cyber related risks.
So, always consider to use your cellular network as it is the safest option.

But if you are unable to do so, then make sure to enable the HTTPs Security on the Gmail account. This prevents any kind of path which is open to the hackers. Just follow the below steps –

Options > General > Browser Connection > enable the option – “Always use HTTPS” > Save changes.

10) Do not Trust everything that you see –

Scams are known by all. But at times, scams are not always evident, they tend to be difficult to find out. So, at such cases, you must learn to avoid being prey to questions which ask details about your bank, credit card, etc.

These mails would start off by asking you to confirm your credentials or identity. Another thing to note is that the mail could be sensed with some level of urgency.

If you do feel it is a scam then do not ever reply to the mail, rather make sure to report this to Google. You can do this by clicking on Report next to Reply.

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