Mexico celebrates its 10th anniversary of same-sex marriage law

In March, 2010 same-sex marriages became legal in Mexico. On Saturday, the Mexican city celebrated its 10 years of its legal recognition. The celebration was joined by 140 same-sex couples.

According to the legal department of Mexico City, within this period of 10 years, 13,134 same-sex marriages have been registered in the capital, of which 6,997 were gays and 6,137 were lesbians.

During the celebrations, the Civil Registry chief Manuel Becerra said that it wasn’t easy to gain these rights but they were moving towards a free and liberal society which gives equal respect to every individual.
Currently, nineteen out of 32 states of Mexico allow the union, while in the rest of areas, a legal appeal is required first.
Apart from these, 4789 transgender identities have been revised since when the law came into being in 2015.

Becerra said they wouldn’t lose the objective and the fight to give an unhindered development of personality and identity.

Becerra also highlighted that the first ever birth certificate has been issued in Braille, implying the inclusion of visually impaired people.

In a statement made on Saturday, The Civil Registry said that ‘the marriages and identity changes are part of its human rights strategies and added that it also contemplates information campaigns about paperwork and services in a “Rainbow Caravan”.

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