Microsoft- $10B JEDI cloud contract

The Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI cloud contract offering process has drawn a considerable amount of attention. In a meeting at Wired25, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos said that he imagines that it’s a mix up for huge tech organizations to play Judas on the U.S. military. Microsoft President agreed to the statement.

Brad Smith clarified that Microsoft plans to be a bidder in government/military contracts. Regardless of whether some Microsoft representatives have an issue with it.

He also said that “to withdraw from this market is to reduce our opportunity to engage in the public debate about how new technologies can best be used in a responsible way. We want the people of this country and especially the people who serve this country to know that we at Microsoft have their back. They will have access to the best technology that we create.”

They recognize the moral contemplation of the present most cutting-edge innovations. Example- artificial intelligence. However, he explicitly stated that Microsoft will continue to work with the government and the military.


What is JEDI?


On 13 September 2017, Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan established a new initiative. It was done to aggressively accelerate the Department’s adoption of cloud architecture and services. This was done with focus on commercial solutions. JEDI is a tailored acquisition for commercial cloud infrastructure and platform services at all classification levels. It will be widely available to any organization in DoD.


Firstly, acquire a worldwide, highly available, exponentially elastic, secure, resilient cloud computing and storage environment that seamlessly extends from the homefront to the tactical edge. Secondly, establish an enterprise contracting vehicle available to all of DoD that achieves delivery of cloud computing and storage services via automated, self-service provisioning and billing. Thirdly, employ the latest in commercial security technologies. Enable rapid development and deployment of new applications and advanced capabilities. Finally, use commercial cloud services to transform how DoD captures, processes, understands, and harness its data to deliver advances capabilities, enable real-time decision-making, and support joint force operations.

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Acquisition Strategy

  • Firstly, Single-award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract using full and open competitive procedures.
  • Secondly, a single Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to deliver services for cloud computing infrastructure and platform services.
  • Thirdly, up to ten-year ordering period.
  • Finally, contract(s) for application migration support, application modernization support, change management, and training.

Deployment Strategy

  • All DoD organizations will have access to the cloud environment. And be able to migrate system on their own with self-service account setup and provisioning.
  • Department will oversee migration of selected projects to validate the new contract and provisioning processes.

Firstly, Google won’t compete because Google-already considered to be behind frontrunners Amazon and Microsoft to snag the JEDI deal. That was because Amazon and Microsoft have higher levels of government cloud security authorizations.

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