Mississippi Church That Defied Coronavirus Restrictions Burns Down

A church was burnt down in northern Mississippi this week in an unusual accident which has surely raised the sensitivities of the region. The Pentecostal church had been at the center of a lot of controversies over the past few months.

It refused to comply with the city’s orders which had banned any religious gathering die to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. It had alleged that this was a violation of its right to free speech and gathering. This was because of the interference with its members’ right to worship.

In fact, the church had filed a lawsuit against the city. A lawyer for the church said in the lawsuit that the police had cited Mr. Waldrop on Easter for holding a service in violation of the city’s order, and had later shut down a Bible study. The latest act of arson in the church seems like backlash against the church’s prior actions.

Mississippi Church That Defied Coronavirus Restrictions Burns Down

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The fire is almost certainly a deliberate act of arson. After firefighters put out the blaze early Wednesday, the police found a message, “Bet you stay home now you hypocrites”. This message was spray-painted on the ground near the church’s doors. Kelly McMillen of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department.

One of the photographs appears to show an atomic A symbol that is related to atheism. “I’m disgusted that anyone would associate a symbol of our community with something so incompatible with our values as atheist,” said Nick Fish who is the President of American Atheists, a group that strongly uses the symbol found at the scene. While the actions of the church were certainly condemnable, this is not how a civilized society deals with things.

Mississippi Church That Defied Coronavirus Restrictions Burns Down

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The future might see more such incidents. This is because of the growing polarization in American Society. It has certainly led to a lot of shock in the city of Holly Springs with a population of fewer than 8000 common people among its citizenry which has no relationship with crime.

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