Moon Not Just A Dead Celestial Body – Seismic Activity Detected

The scientists have unearthed some latest evidence that might change our perspective towards the moon. The current belief dictates that the Moon is a dead celestial body with no geological activity.

This was after the scientists discovered tectonic activity on the surface of the Moon. Over the past few decades, seismometers placed on the lunar surface during the Apollo keep missions were able to detect a few moonquakes. That suggested that the moon might have had some seismic activity, but scientists had attributed it to the Moon’s long term cooling that causes shrinking and shaking over the surface of Earth’s natural satellite.

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Moon Not Just A Dead Celestial Body - Seismic Activity Detected

This has now been shaken by the upward movement of the ridges present on the surface of the Moon. That’s proven by the past missions, called the Apollo missions, which showed the presence of a fine powdery material called Rigolith but some of these spots were covered with boulders indicating the presence of a crack on its surface. This changes long-held beliefs.


Scientists believe that this research might finally change the thoughts held for a long period.

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Moon Not Just A Dead Celestial Body - Seismic Activity Detected

“There’s this assumption that the Moon is long dead, but we keep finding that that’s not the case. From this paper, it appears that the Moon may still be creaking and cracking — potentially in the present day — and we can see the evidence on these ridges,” said Peter Schultz, professor Brown University and co-author of the study in a statement.

This might finally be the revelation that leads to more research on the space. The moon has long been thought of as a possible human habitat. That might be a possible solution to be held in the minds for the coming time periods.

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