Most hydrating drinks for summer

Summers aren’t easy to tolerate. That scorching sun, irritation and dehydration occupies our lives and makes it too uncomfortable to work. If you are wanting to make these sunny days a little bearable , stay hydrated with these drinks:

1. Water

Water is live, we all know. Without water we can’t survive for long. It is important to increase your water intake in summer to be able to remain energetic. You must carry water everywhere you go and have at least 10 glasses of water a day.

2. Coconut water

Loaded with potassium and lacking in calories, coconut water is considered healthier than water. It makes as an amazing hydrating drink with which you can start your day without intaking much sodium and calories.

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3. Watermelon

Watermelon is a fruit and not drink. But it contains 98% of water and thus acts as one of the best hydrating foods. If you wish to have it in the work of drink, you can blend it and have a glass in the morning. It isn’t just a healthy but also tasty drink.

4. Milk

No, milk doesn’t dehydrate you, but instead hydrate your body as it is thicker than water. It also contains calcium, vitamin D, and protein to keep you fueled on even the hottest of days.

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