Most Informative Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2021

Twitter is way more than being a social networking platform. It has an intelligent user base who express themselves within 144 characters. If you are looking for some great accounts on twitter that can add on to your IQ, then follow must follow these 10 informative twitter accounts:

1. TED Talks
Ted is a nonprofit organization with various twitter accounts though @TEDTalks is the most popular one, followed by over 11 million people across the globe. It has some really motivating content and information related to corporate world. You should definitely follow it.

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NASA or National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the incharge of US’s space programme and research. Following @NASA will keep you updated with minute to minute updates related to the international space station.

3. Word of the Day
@thewordoftheday is a vocabulary-based twitter account that aims to enhance your vocabulary by posting new words with meanings on everyday basis. If you are looking to enhancing your writing skills or preparing for any competitive exam, it is a must-follow.

4. OMGFacts
@OMGFacts is a verified twitter account with a fan base of over 6.5 Billion people. It’s bio says that it makes you the most interesting person in the room. Follow the account to know some surprising facts related to animals, sex, celebrities and sports.

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