Most popular social media sites and what’s so special about them

With the advancement in technology and upgradation in internet, social media has got a boost. Initially social media came as a platform for social communications and interactions , but now it has turned into a complete platform offering a variety of services. From sharing pictures to growing individual profile and even brand identity, that too with worldwide audience access.

Following are the social media sites/apps which have gained popularity.

1. Facebook
Launched in 2004, Facebook today has around 2.41 billion monthly active users. The app was initially a mere means to communicate. Today, it offers a variety of options like sharing pictures, videos, gaming, making business profile and many more. It also has its own messenger app, using which people can communicate to one another.

2. Instagram
Although instagram was launched almost 6 years after Facebook, the popularity it has recently gained is unmatchable. Today, youth has shifted from facebook to instagram and spend countless hours scrolling it. It has features similar to Facebook. These include posting, sharing stories, making IGTV videos and building brand.

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3. YouTube
Youtube is one of the fastest growing video platforms , wherein creators share their knowledge, information or everyday activities. The number of creators as well as users have been increasing rapidly. The platform offers its users the option to comment, like, subscribe and share the videos of YouTubers. Youtubers can post videos,share posts and stories to keep users engaged.

4. Tiktok
The Chinese originated company, TikTok is the leading short- video application, which is loved by youth. The thing that makes it unique is the fact that anyone and everyone is a creator here. And, it doesn’t take much efforts making videos. Users can lip-sync, teach, act, dance and do whatever they wish to. Recently, TikTok has also faced backlash, resulting in the sudden decrease in number of users and ratings.

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