Most tempting chocolates to eat amid kdown

Are you someone who’s missing chocolates more than freedom these days? Well, even if not , chocolates have been scientifically proven to improve mental health and overcome stress. During these depressing and unprecedented times when the world is on halt, a chocolate may make your day. Fr chocolate loaded Dairy Milk to Five Star and crunchy Kitkat to Munch, here are the most tempting chocolates you cannot miss afford ignoring.
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The new candy bar flavors include White Chocolate Twix and Hazelnut Snickers. The former consists of two cookie bars made with layers of caramel and covered in a rich white chocolate coating. The latter combines hazelnuts with peanuts, caramel and nougat for a nuttier version of a standard Snickers bar.

Dairy milk has launched ‘Dairy Milk Medley bar’ for customers who want to indulge in healthier food choices.

This version of  the chocolate bar is filled with caramelized hazelnuts, dark chocolate chips and raspberries. Despite its small size, the gourmet ingredients make the chocolate bar a tasty way to indulge in sweet treat.

Japan has always been ahead with innovations. And this time their Kit Kat Chocolatory locations are selling gold-inspired chocolate bars that commemorate the luxurious Kit Kat flavoring. The bars feature the traditional chocolate and wafer combination with a thin, gold and edible foil surrounding the chocolate. Since the gold layer is edible, consumers are instructed to leave it on the Kit Kat bars and eat as-is for a luxurious experience.

In addition to the edible gold leaf bars, the Kit Kat Chocolatory locations will also be giving away one 24-karate Kit Kat bar to one lucky winner.

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