An Australian Fortnite streamer with the username MrDeadMoth — actual name Luke Munday — banned from Twitch once again after the streaming platform shortly let him back.

Twitch suspended Luke Munday after being caught on video allegedly assaulting his wife earlier this December. As Munday was streaming to thousands of viewers, he could be heard allegedly assaulting his partner.

Last month, Australian authorities arrested the streamer Munday, after a Fortnite where he seemed to hit his partner. Twitch banned his account briefly after. At the beginning of this week, however, Twitch viewers were shocked to find that Munday’s channel was back already. His suspension, which some thought would be forever, had lasted for just 14 days.

After being arrested on December 9, Munday was imposed with common assault.  Given a four-week court date postponement to seek legal advice. On December 30, Munday decided to use some of that time to recommence his streaming career, announcing a return stream.



How many times do I have to tell you?” Munday asked her, as the livestreamed audio of the incident appears. Munday’s children were crying in the background. In a following report from The Washington Post, the woman said Munday hit her in the face. Authorities then arrested and charged Munday with common assault hours later.

Twitch banned him shortly thereafter following a public protest. On Dec. 30, however, Munday announced a tweet promoting his new stream. Backlash soon emerged. Although Munday was able to resume streaming, his feed’s bombarded with troop of denizens confronting him about the assault. To which he responded by knocking them away.

As Dexerto reports, “[u]sers in his chat who referenced the December 9 incident were banned or timed out from chatting.”

Twitch seems to have since taken down the MrDeadMoth channel.

To note, the Dec.9 incident isn’t the first time Munday’s been accused of assault. In 2011, charged with “malicious damage” and “common assault,” reports.

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Twitch refuses to say how long Munday’s ban is going to last. It did, however, provided a statement saying it values the “integrity of our community.”

We want everyone on Twitch to have a safe and positive experience and work constantly toward that goal,” the streaming platform said, as The Verge reports. “Part of that work includes examining our policies and practices when we find they don’t properly address specific incidents to ensure we’re adapting as the community grows.”

In February 2018, Twitch recommenced its policies around online harassment while promising to impose stricter rules around hateful behaviour. Both on- and off-site. Which is why it’s odd that it would let Munday come back after the incident. Especially with the stressed backlash surrounding it.

Critics say Twitch choosing to remain quiet on the issue makes it hard to take its commitment to community policies.

Under section 9 of Twitch’s Term’s and Services, users may not, “create, upload, transmit, distribute, or store any content that is inaccurate, unlawful, infringing, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, harassing, threatening, abusive, inflammatory, or otherwise objectionable.”

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