Music is now available on Facebook’s photos and videos

It seems like Facebook is following the footsteps of other social media apps by allowing music to photos or videos.

Facebook had announced about this feature in a statement which was made on the 24th of October. Read on to get more insight about this news.

More on Facebook’s statement about the Addition of Music –

Facebook’s 2 billion plus monthly users can check out this new feature wherein you could add music to all your photos as well as videos on your Facebook stories.

This feature seems much like the features provided by Instagram or Snapchat. But additionally, Facebook users can also expect this music feature to their News Feed as well.
It’s officially mentioned by Facebook, “And, we’re bringing it to News Feed, too!”

Also, much to the users’ delight, Facebook would soon allow the addition of music to the Profiles as well.

How to use this feature?

You could use this feature quite easily, much like Facebook’s Instagram.  Just follow the below steps – music on facebook

  • Take a photo or video.
  • Select the sticker icon and tap on the Music sticker.
  • Find and choose the song you want / like. (You could also select just certain sections of the selected song, much like trimming it.
  • Now add the sticker onto the photo or video.

The sticker would also show the song as well as the artist name. The users could also move the sticker around their story. They could also continue editing or customizing their post with more stickers as well.

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‘Lip Sync Live’ feature –

Another interesting feature that Facebook had announced earlier in June this year, was about ‘Lip Sync Live’. This feature lets the users lip sync to various songs. This involves many different profiles for the many countries throughout the world.

Fred Beteille, who is Facebook’s Head of Product, Music and Rights, along with Tamara Hrivnak, who is the Head of Music Business Development and Partnerships, said the following –

“We are also opening up the feature to more artists and creators by expanding to Pages, giving them more ways to connect with their fans.”


Thus Facebook users can surely expect more from the music sector of the company. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this feature or Facebook as a whole.

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