Elon Musk promises 100% Tesla Supercharger coverage in Europe

Tesla Supercharger

A Tesla Supercharger is a 480-volt DC fast-charging station built by American vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc. for their all-electric cars. The Tesla Supercharger network of fast-charging stations was introduced beginning in 2012. As of December 2018, the electric vehicle network consisted of 11,414 individual Supercharger stalls at 1,375 locations worldwide. Tesla Model S was the first car to be able to use the network, followed by the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3.

Each Supercharger stall has a connector to supply electrical power at up to 120 kW via a direct current connection to the 400-volt car battery pack. Since 2015, calculation of routes with Supercharger stops has been integrated with turn-by-turn navigation on Tesla’s supported cars. Payment for electricity is performed in-car or online, while some older Tesla vehicles have 100–400 kWh, or unlimited, inclusive charging credit.

By 2016 Tesla had taken steps to focus use of the network for making longer journeys. An idle fee is charged for continuing to occupy a Supercharger stall after charging has been completed. In late-2017 Tesla disallowed commercial, peer-to-peer ridesharing, taxi, and government usage of the public Supercharger network.

Tesla Supercharger

Supercharger Technology                              

Tesla supercharging stations charge with up to 135 kW of power distributed between two cars with a maximum of 120 kW per car. They take about 20 minutes to charge to 50%, 40 minutes to charge to 80%, and 75 minutes to 100% on the original 85 kWh Model S. The charging stations provide high-power direct-current (DC) charging power directly to the battery, bypassing the internal charging power supply. However, the next version of Supercharging expected to charge with more than 350 kW.

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Promise by Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is aiming for 100 percent Tesla Supercharger coverage in Europe by next year. In response to a question on Twitter, Musk said Tesla’s Supercharger coverage will extend to 100 percent of Europe in 2019. “From Ireland to Kiev, from Norway to Turkey,” Musk wrote. A look at Tesla’s Supercharger map shows a high concentration of the fast chargers in Western Europe. Countries like

  • Firstly, Albania
  • Secondly, Estonia
  • Thirdly, Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Finally,Moldova

don’t have any Superchargers.

Previously, Musk laid out plans to have 18,000 superchargers globally by the end 2018. Finally, Tesla has 11,583 Superchargers within 1,386 Supercharger stations globally.

Firstly, tesla now has over 11,500 Superchargers operating in nearly 1,400 Stations across the globe. Secondly, with the launch of the Model 3, more and more people will be able to afford to drive a Tesla. Finally, that means more Superchargers needed to support this growing customer base.

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