6 must try street foods across the world

Travel fills the soul while food fills the heart. Any trip would be incomplete without trying the authentic street food from places. Here’s a list of 6 must try street foods from across the world.

Calzone in Italy

If you’re a pizza person, then calzones are for you. Calzones are basically folded over pizzas originally invented in Naples. They are sold with different regional ingredients all over Italy.  Although a calzone can be a large meal, the street vendors sell them in smaller sizes so they are easy for takeaways.

Crepes in France

Sweet crepes are must try for all the sweet-toothed people out there. Made with wheat flour these are thinner than pancakes and often eaten for breakfast or dessert. Sweet crepes are often filled with nutella, whipped cream fruits or syrup. The other kind of crepes is savoury crepes usually eaten for breakfast which are usually filled with, cheese, eggs and all kinds of meat.

Aloo Chaat in South Asia

Particularly famous in Northern India, some parts of Eastern India and Pakistan, aloo chaat can be served as a snack or a starter. It is a dish made with boiled and fried potatoes mixed with different spices and chutneys depending on the region. If you love spices then it is a must try. Though sometimes it can be a little too spicy but the vendors are always happy to customise as per your taste buds.

Banana cue in the Philippines

Another treat for the sweet tooth. Banana cue is a famous street food made with a special variety of bananas called the saba bananas. This variety is particularly famous for cooking in the Philippines. Banana cue is made by deep frying the bananas and coating them in brown caramelized sugar.

Shawarma in the Middle East

Shawarma serves as an inexpensive quick bite or even a meal. This dish is prepared by stacking up fats from lamb, chicken and other kinds of meat on a vertical spit for hours before slicing them up. Topped up with ingredients like hummus and tahini, a shawarma can be served in a wrap or directly on a plate.

Takoyaki in Japan

Originated in Osaka, takoyaki are a kind of ball shaped fritters stuffed with octopus. They are made from wheat flour-based batter which serves as a coating for the diced/minced octopus and then are cooked in a pan. To add to the flavour, they are marinated with mayonnaise and takoyaki sauce and sprinkled with shavings of green laver and bonito.

The best way to find the authentic street food anywhere is to ask the locals. You never know when you might just discover your new favourite food joint in the whole world.

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