Myanmar Submits Report On Rohingya Muslims To The ICJ

The biggest exodus of the generation occurred in the past decade when the Myanmar security forces committed one of the heinous genocides in world history. This was the massacre of the Rohingya Muslims in the Rakhine region of the nation.

More than 750,000 Rohingya fled the region in search of exile in neighboring countries. This was after the Myanmar security forces were accused of mass murder, gang rapes, and arson. In August 2017, the government had launched what was called a “clearance operation” to rid the region of militancy.

This was in response to an attack by a Rohingya armed group. However, what followed was a butchering of civilians and international reports of Human rights violations. The government has finally given its report on the measures taken by it to make things better.

Myanmar Submits Report On Rohingya Muslims To The ICJ

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The Myanmar government has submitted its first response to the International Court of Justice in Hague. The court had issued a provisional order in January asking the country to take the requisite measures in response to the crisis.

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Myanmar Submits Report On Rohingya Muslims To The ICJ

The top UN court agreed last year to consider a case brought by The Gambia alleging that Myanmar committed genocide against the Rohingya, an accusation vigorously denied by the government. However, human rights activists are saying that the situation remains unchanged on the ground in the country. Refugee groups lodged in Myanmar claim that the government continues its atrocities unabated in the region as the people continue to suffer.

Activists based in Myanmar are also alleging foul play. It remains to be seen what the future course of action is. Myanmar will certainly have to show a better record in the future otherwise allegations will continue.

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