Myths About Marriage You Can Happily Ignore

There are certain myths and notions that are associated with a marriage. Over the years, our society has made us believe that marriage is one of the most wonderful things you will experience in life or it is a cakewalk. However, before you say “I do”, make sure that you let go of the below listed myths from your mind. 

You’ll live happily ever after

One of the biggest myths you would have heard about marriage is that you’ll live happily ever after. However, you should know that there is no term like ‘happily ever after’. Life will always throw challenges and you will face both good and bad times. Being in a relationship with someone won’t solve your personal longstanding issues or will suddenly make your life a bed of roses. Though getting married to someone can provide you a sense of belongingness and security, you should remember that you will have to put in hard work to make it work.


You’ll be able to change your partner’s annoying habits

Life isn’t a movie where a hero suddenly becomes a good boy after falling in love. Don’t expect someone to change their habits or their way of living just because they love you or are married to you. Expecting a spouse to change “because he or she loves you” isn’t about love, it’s about manipulation—or possibly just delusion. Though in a marriage, both the partners make some behavioural changes, expecting them to make major changes is ridiculous.

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You’ll automatically know each other’s thoughts

Being married doesn’t mean that you and your partner will develop some kind of telepathy and will automatically come to know about each other’s thoughts. Marriage doesn’t mean that you don’t feel it necessary to spell out your thoughts and feelings. A healthy communication is a key to a successful relationship. Thus, you should always make it a point to talk with your significant other and share each other’s feelings. Sometimes it is necessary to openly express your love and admiration for your partner as that will make them feel secure.

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