Nancy Pelosi Tears Up Transcript Of Trump’s Speech

Drama unfolded at President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech as it does at almost every other happening in American politics. The Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi tore a copy of the President’s speech in unprecedented scenes emerging.

However, she was not the one to begin the hostilities. Before that, Trump refused a handshake despite the outstretched hand of Pelosi. When asked why she tore up the speech, Pelosi said that it was the “courteous thing to do considering the alternative”.

Nancy Pelosi


Trump’s state of the union address featured some of the most unfortunate scenes in US political history. In the polarised house, there were chants of four more years by the Republicans while the Democrats sat grimly.

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In fact, Nancy Pelosi refused to use any words of high dignity or honour while introducing Trump. Her simple introduction was – “Members of Congress, the President of the United States”.

Talking about Trump’s speech, it contained more of his usual rhetoric. The President harped upon the improved economic conditions in the US and creating more jobs for the originals. This also meant that he kept his vitriol against immigrants strong.

However, conspicuous by its absence in his speech was the entire impeachment fiasco. Donald Trump did not include any of it in the important address. It remains to be seen how big of an issue it becomes in the upcoming elections.

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While healthcare still remained the biggest issue among the two parties. Donald Trump has reiterated that a public healthcare programme would mean a socialist takeover of American politics. However, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been top proponents of public healthcare to reduce the insurance burden on millions of Americans.

The elections after nine months will certainly shape the future course of the United States of America.

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