National Emergency Library Launched By The Internet Archive

As you get bored during quarantine, the Internet Archive has hot your daily fix of books to ensure that you increase your knowledge quotient in the limited time that you get. The Internet Archive has launched the National Emergency Library to offer free access to 1.4 million digital books. Further, it announced that it is suspending waitlist for the 1.4 million modern works in its lending library through the end of June, “or the end of the US National emergency whichever is earlier.”

Let’s find out how this arrangement works. You are surely getting a big book treat.

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National Emergency Library Launched By The Internet Archive

This repository of book treasure can be accessed through the Internet archive. Students, teachers and avid readers across the globe will have the opportunity to browse through.

“Users will be able to borrow books from the National Emergency Library without joining a waitlist, ensuring that students will have access to assigned readings and library materials that the Internet Archive has digitized for the remainder of the US academic calendar. People who cannot physically access their local libraries because of closure or self-quarantine can continue to read and thrive during this time of crisis, keeping themselves and others safe,” the Internet Archive explained in an online announcement.

Further, it emphasized that it has focused on digitizing twentieth-century books which were obtained through Phillips Academy Andover, Marygrove College and other school libraries. The next obvious question would be about the kind of books that you can access.

National Emergency Library Launched By The Internet Archive

Well, they have you covered in that regard too. You can discover classics like Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” and Toni Morrison’s “Beloved”. It also includes modern bestsellers like Dan Brown’s ” The Da Vinci Code” and Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

However, the Internet Archive has urged readers who can afford to buy to help their local bookstores. They are certainly facing a crisis in these times. Your contribution can certainly go a long way in helping their efforts.

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