Natural remedies to lighten dark lips

Your lips can turn dark due to various lifestyle or health factors. It is generally the case when your body is dehydrated, lack vitamins and is exposed to sun without sunscreen cream.

If you are looking to bring back to original color or your lips or make it lighter, following are some remedies:

1. Lemon+Sugar
Lemon and sugar together helps remove the dirt by exfoliating lips, also making them light and soft.
Take a slice of lemon and some sugar. Apply and rub sugared lemon on your lips before going to sleep. Wash it off in the morning.

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2. Aloe vera gel
Aloe vera gel has miraculous properties for skin and hair. It is also found to have lightening property. Applying aloe vera gel on lips every night before sleeping can be of great benefit in keeping lips moisturized. Wash it off the next morning.

3. Beetroot
Beetroot has natural pink-red color that leaves your tongue in the same color tone. So just imagine how could it can be as a natural color for your skin. Grind it to form a smooth paste and apply it gently, leave it over night. Wash off with cold water. You will find instant results.

For best results, use these remedies every night for up to 30 days.

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