Netflix is testing a new Ultra HD service

Netflix, is one of the biggest entertainment giants and it has a huge user base of about $159 billion. The plans that they offer is most affordable since it doesn’t involve separate price rate for the shows or movies.
But since the 3rd of July, Netflix has decided on adding a new plan to the existing subscription plans. This new plan is known as Ultra and is considered expensive than the Premium plan. It is currently available to just few of the customers in Europe.

What does Netflix have to say about this new plan?

There hasn’t been an official announcement by Netflix but one of the spokesperson, Smita Saran, said the following in an email –

“We continuously test new things at Netflix and these tests typically vary in length of time. In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix.
Not all Netflix subscribers will see the test and the company may not ever offer the specific price points or features being tested.”

What were the various plans earlier?

Netflix had 3 subscription plans

  • Basic Plan: It costs $7.99. This plan basically allows the users to view one screen, i.e. one device like TV, laptop, mobile phone, etc.
  • Standard Plan: It costs $10.99. This plan allows the user to view the shows or movies on 2 devices or screens.
  • Premium Plan: This plan costs $13.99. The premium plan allows the users to view on 4 screens or devices.

Current scenario –

The new Ultra plan is considered as a high tier of service which is priced at €16.99 in Italy, which means it costs about $19.80. Thus, it’s clearly expensive than the previous plans. According to an Italian blog – Tutto Android, this tier tends to allow four screens or devices to view Ultra HD video as well as audio streaming at the same time.

The plan is being tested in two different ways –

One of the test plan includes HDR exclusively for the Ultra subscription plan and the devices/screens would be 4. Whereas the other plans will be unaffected.

The second test plan includes no HDR but the other subscription plans are very much affected in terms of the screens to be viewed. That is, the standard plan will reduce its devices/screens to 2, whereas the premium plan reduces its screens to 2. Thus, Ultra plan will be the only pack which allows 4 screens.

Hence, clearly users can be a bit off with this new test but there are no official announcements if the plan is going to be available for all or if there would be any further changes, etc.
So we could probably advice you to just stay tuned for further updates.

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