Great news for Instagram users, new feature called “Nametag” released!!

The wait is over now. It is easy to add our friends on Instagram by just scanning the QR code. Till now we were searching for our friends by their name or by usernames. Then sending them the request and adding them into our social media platform. However, now we do not need to type long usernames. We can just scan the QR code and add them into our account. Every user’s Nametag is unique.


How to use the brand-new feature?

Yes, as we all know changes are inevitable, we all know well that progress is impossible without change.

  • Go to your profile and tap the menu button on the top right.
  • Tap option 2 “Nametag
  • Tap on “Scan a Nametag” option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now we can hang the camera over the Nametag option until it gets captured.
  • It is similar to Snapchat however, there are many more options given to customize the look such as color mode, Emoji mode and selfie mode.
  1. To change the background color, tap the background of your name tag.
  2. To switch to Emoji background tap color on the top of the screen select the emoji which you like.
  3. Similarly you can switch to selfie mode by tapping on emoji at the top of the screen and select selfie mode. You see a small camera window in the middle of the screen with the fun sticker over it. Tap the stickers to change it snap a selfie to use it for your background.
  • This feature also has 3-4 types of filters as well. We can tap on the screen to change the filters.

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How to Enable the feature:

  • Update your Instagram to get this brand new feature.
  • If the feature does not appear we can uninstall and reinstall the app to get this exciting feature in your phone.

Nametag is now available on IOS and Android globally. Instagram is increasingly becoming calling card or internet home especially for the young users. Today almost 400 million active users share 80 million images on Instagram. The benefit of this new feature is that it is easier to find and add new friends or people we meet in real. Instagram can be used for the business purpose as well. We can click the picture of the services or products and post them which can help us to gain many customers. It can be helpful for promotion of our business which can grow rapidly.

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