New Right-Click Menu of Gmail is finally released

For a frequent Gmail user, he/she would say it is high time Google introduced the new right-click menu! Google announced in their blog post on the 11th of February, 2019 regarding this news.

Earlier, we used to just get a certain amount of options when you right-click over a mail. These included archive an email, mark it as read/unread and delete. But now you would additionally get Gmail’s top bar menu along with few extra features.

What are the various features of the new Right-Click Menu –

With these new options, you can take quite a lot of actions, directly from a message, in your inbox such as:

  • Reply to, or forward, an email in one click from the main page.
  • Search for all emails from a sender.
  • Search for all emails with the same subject (if conversation view is turned off).
  • Open multiple emails in multiple new windows at the same time.
  • Easily add a label or move an email.

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Basically, when you right-click on a message in your inbox view, you’ll see a long list of features with options to – reply to messages and forward them; search for all emails from a sender or with the same subject; and open multiple emails in multiple windows at the same time. You’ll also be able to add labels to emails; mute conversations; and use Gmail’s snooze feature, all this from the same menu.

Before Menu
Gmail Right Click Menu
After Menu

How to get this feature?

The context menu can be opened by these 3 simple menu:

  1. Right-click
  2. Ctrl+click on Mac keyboards
  3. The menu key on Windows keyboards.

Is the feature available to all?

The feature would be turned ON as default. And as TechCrunch mentioned, Google, as usual only tells us that it is rolling out this feature to G Suite users now (starting today for those on the rapid release schedule and on February 22 for those that follow the slower scheduled release cycle). But free users typically see these new features pop up somewhere around that same time frame, too.

This is what is mentioned on Google’s blog post announcement –

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