Nice Guy vs Alpha Male


Being an Alpha male is not easy . You need to have right mind-set for it . Infact, many are not even aware what that is or very little to comprehend.  Firstly , you need to accept the bitter truth . You are not an Alpha male and consciously start working on being one .

When you have a routine of these traits set it will become natural to you and who you are . Alpha mindset and man does not only guarantees you more women attention and sex but it should be adopted because it is the right and correct path to be on . The modern world is very deceptive and if you are not smart enough man to have boundaries as whom to keep and whom to walk away from , it might be troubling to you later.

In my case , I was not an alpha . I became one over time . I let go of many traits when I was in my LTR/Marriage but that was a big mistake. You letting go of your own rules for anyone you love is not right. Marriage or relationship is about making it work together. It isn’t one running away and the other giving 110%. I was the latter and kept trying by going down on my own rules which I had followed before her and that too with great success . Once  I realized it’s not my job to make her happy all the time and she never wanted to work on it , I walked away and ended it .

I walked away from her because I realized how I was before her. Alpha mindset opened my eyes and I walked away for my own self-respect, dignity and freedom . I had started to hate myself being around her. She gave me mental harassment all the time and I had started to look and even feel weak . That weakness was not attractive . It was not to me . I hated my own self. Due to her happiness being on my mind all the time, I had stopped thinking about myself. I started gaining weight, I was lazy at times, I started losing hair due to stress,I could not concentrate on work , etc , etc.

Once I ended it by going into no-contact with her , I had to build myself up again and get my strength back to attract the world and women to test my SMV. Weakness is the attraction killer whereas strength is the best aphrodisiac . The extra nice guy who wants to please women by being kind and extra chivalrous does little to build attraction . All he does is just become an introvert and conceal his thoughts and feelings. So, in reality he is not nice is just a plain liar to himself and to the world around him about what he really wants .

The nice will pretend to be friends (only friends) with the woman but that is last thing on his mind. Nice guy has a mindset that if he is being nice , the women will give him same back . Whereas , it’s never the case. He actually rushes to the woman in her defense thinking that she will eventually reward him for his chivalry and kindness. He will even go upto the extent of telling the woman that it’s just friendship which is on his mind and sex is never . But the truth is that is all what he thinks about . He dreams of you everyday , he looks at you with seductress gaze which you ignore because you have burqa of friendship on your mind.

Now , comes the Alpha or so called bad guy . He approaches women with absolute one intention . He does not defend women and almost never rushes to their aid to save them from crisis of the modern world. So, technically is not the bad guy . He is simply speaking the truth . He is someone who is pretty masculine about himself . He gives little or no attention to what the society speaks or thinks. He walks on his own path on the beat of his own drum . He does not care about what will his friends or family think about the things he want . If wants something , he goes after it . If he likes a woman , he tells her without the feeling of being rejected . One of the other reason why he is so confident is because he does not care about the validation from other people , especially women . This is the prime reason why what women think about him is of least concern to him .

The entire alpha mindset is abundance mindset . If one woman rejects , he goes to another. He does not takes it to his heart . Plenty of fish in the sea is the approach of Alpha male.  Alpha male has things in his mind which he wants and work towards them . He wants a woman who can support his aspirations and give him love and confidence to get it . Anything else is a recipe for disaster as he will walk-off before you realize and stop playing mind games.



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