Nike to make Olympics 2020 sustainable


Nike is all set to introduce a new design movement – termed Space Hippy. It revolves around a zero carbon philosophy, and incorporates methods such as making shoes with fully-recycled yarn uppers and cushioning them with foam scraps from factory floors.
To reduce the materials used and visibly signpost a recycled-luxe aesthetic, the amalgam plastic soles are left undyed, calling “rawthentic modernity”.
And the entire range is designed sustainably,
“Space Hippy is the pinnacle expression of the palette of our sustainable materials – but they’re scalable across the whole company,” said Noah Murphy-Reinhertz, Nike’s Sustainability Design Lead. “It’s a wild manifestation, but one that creates tools that everyone can use.”

“Every four years, the eyes and the attention of the world stops and focuses on sports – which is fantastic for us,” explains John Hoke, Nike’s Chief Design Officer.
“Sports show what’s possible, and [the Olympics] are a moment for us to telegraph our intentions as a company.”


“We’ve always been a company that wants to take a position on issues that matter – but there’s clearly a vibration, a zeitgeist shift that is happening,” says Hoke of the new era of politically-savvy brand engagement. “We don’t want to be passive; we want to lead the conversation… And it’s not a time to be timid – it’s a time to be bold, to dream big and to take action.”

During London’s 2012 Olympics, Nike introduced the Flyknit technology and diverted one billion plastic bottles from landfill and turned them into fabric; for six years running, it has been the largest global user of recycled polyester in both footwear and clothing.

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