Nintendo Fitness Game:Ring Fit Adventure

In the past two weeks, there have been a good amount of talk from many sources regarding Nintendo’s fantasy fitness game. This Ring Fit Adventure is set to release on the 18th of October, 2019; and here is more information regarding this interesting adventure.

Nintendo Fitness Game : Ring Fit Adventure!

The house of Mario has finally revealed on the 12th of September, 2019, about a brand new Switch game called Ring Fit Adventure.

Basically, this is like Wii Fit crossed with Final Fantasy. In fact, like most fantasy adventures, Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure puts you in the role of a newly established hero attempting to rid a magical realm of a freshly arisen evil.

You venture through various levels, fight nefarious monsters, and earn money and experience along the way to improve your skills. So you’ll have turn-based battles against enemies, and must attack them according to their weaknesses, with your own moves color-coordinated to which body part triggers them.

The ring in this case acts as the controller; the two chirpy spokespeople in the trailer say you won’t be pushing buttons, but instead using the ring and the Joy-Con’s gyroscope to communicate movement to the game. You don’t explore and battle by using buttons and joysticks: instead, you exercise your way through a lush fantasy landscape.

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In this fitness-focused title, you’ll be moving the ring and a leg strap; both of which house a Switch Joy-Con; to move your character through a fantasy world. Running, for instance, is triggered by lightly jogging on the spot; while flying requires some enthusiastic arm flapping. Bending the ring inward will also create a blast of air that can break crates and launch your character high into the air.

Also, there are two removable pads where your hands rest; and Nintendo says they’re washable; so you don’t have to worry too much about sweaty palms. The ring has sensors to keep track of your movements, while the Joy-Con’s IR sensor is used to measure your heartbeat after each level; you simply place your thumb over the sensor and hold it for a few seconds.

Launch and Availability –

Ring Fit Adventure launches on the Switch on October 18th for $79.99, including both the game and accessories.

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