No More Tablets from Google’s Side!

So it looks like Google was not really serious about their production of tablets. The company cancelled two new tablets which was in process. So it’s quite obvious that Google is currently out of the tablet hardware business.

Why aren’t there going to be Tablets from Google?

Tablets  have, of course, proven a tough nut to crack for practically every company that isn’t Apple. Google has taken numerous swings at the space, but never quite found its place in among the premium iPad or far cheaper Android/Chromebook alternatives.

And while the company once seemed content to treat Nexus/Pixel devices as much as references for its software, it has clearly taken a much more serious approach to its own devices in recent years.

Google  still went ahead and launched the Pixel Slate late last year, hoping the device would give users a much-welcome form factor alternative to its high-end Pixel  Book. Ultimately, however, the device felt redundant, and now it seems it will be the last of its kind. Hence, the company this week admitted that its hardware team is giving up the tablet ghost.

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What Google has to say?

Google mentioned the following in a statement to the press on the 21st of June 2019. This was in response to earlier reports.

“For Google’s first-party hardware efforts, we’ll be focusing on Chrome OS laptops and will continue to support Pixel Slate.”


Google SVP Rick Osterloh took to Twitter to further clarify “unclear” articles:
“Hey, it’s true…Google’s HARDWARE team will be solely focused on building laptops moving forward,” he wrote, “but make no mistake, Android & Chrome OS teams are 100% committed for the long-run on working with our partners on tablets for all segments of the market (consumer, enterprise, edu

Hence, at least for the time being, we would not be seeing any tablets from Google for sure. Let’s see if they try to bring it out in the future and make the Android phones look better compared to the Apples.

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