No other option than feeding flowers to Animals!

Owing to lockdown, everything has come to a halt. Flowers are no exception.  Floriculturists of Chail valley in himachal have no option other than crushing their produce and feeding it to animals.

As many as 100-150 floriculturists of Mahog, Jhajha and Mihani villages in Chail have been into this business for around 25 years. But this year , they’ll bear loss of lakhs. It is the lack of demand as well as lockdown, that prevents the transportation of the flowers for sale.

Kuldeep Thakur, a second-generation grower told that the peak season begins on March 15  when crop is harvested every alternate day, while in winters flowers bloom after 7-10 days.The growers looked forwarded to selling the flowers in Delhi and Ghazipur markets.

But now the flowers are crushed along with their stems and used as animal feed or farm manure. He estimated the loss at about Rs 15 lakh for this season. The last truckload of flowers, he says, left on March 17. “Since then, there has been no business.”

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