Noise Canceling System That Lets You Comfortably Open Your Windows

Everyone knows how annoying it is when you’re traveling in your car, trying to feel the soft breeze against your face, and you’re interrupted by the not-so-peaceful sounds of cars honking, people shouting, trains passing by, and whatnot. As a result, you’re forced the close the window, turn to your headphones, and to the AC as a replacement for the natural breeze. However, the solution to this problem might be closer and more familiar than you think – a noise canceling system.

A group of scientists has developed a system that will allow you to enjoy the best parts of opening up your window, without having to deal with the worst ones.

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Noise Canceling System That Lets You Comfortably Open Your Windows

This system, consisting of a microphone and several loudspeakers, can be fitted on to an open window. It would allow the wind to enter the window, but sounds would be canceled out.

The Guardian reported –

“Active sound control involves using a microphone to detect incoming sounds then using an array of loudspeakers to emit sound waves of the same frequency but opposing pressure pattern to essentially cancel out the invading noise.”

Prof Stephen Elliott, a co-author of the research, said –

“We have proved that it is possible, using loudspeakers in a window, to significantly reduce the sounds that come through an open window.”

However, this does not mean that the system can stop all sounds from entering the window.

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Noise Canceling System That Lets You Comfortably Open Your Windows

It only allows low-frequency sounds from entering, which means that you might have to bear the sound of a child screaming even with the system.

“If you can reduce that low-frequency noise that really distracts you from whatever you are doing then that is obviously a help.”

Elliott spoke about how this technology is, in a way, already in use –

“Honda, for example, produce a million cars a year with systems where they control the sound inside the cabin using the sound from the loudspeakers.”

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