Now try out shoes virtually!

 Trying on athletic shoes to figure out what works the best for you, is as important as trying on outfits to check fittings. But, in these unprecedented times and stay-at-home orders, you certainly cannot visit shops to try on.

But the good news is, you need not to worry as your favourite Gazelle Sports is offering a solution by providing free virtual shoe fittings.
So how does that happen? It’s quite simple.

1-Visit their website

2-Click on the “virtual shoe fittings” tab.

3- Sign up for a time slot for ZOOM appointment

4- You’ll meet with a store associate virtually who will have you walk a few paces back and forth, then stand still in front of the camera.

This way the associate will notice the movement of your feel when in motion. It will also collect other related data such as injury history, and information about way of exercising.
According to that, the associate can make some educated suggestions as to what shoes will work for you.

According to an associate at gazelle sports,
“Primary thing we’re looking for is what kind of motion is going on in the ankle joint, and the arch. Are they rolling in, are they rolling out, or do they stay pretty neutral? You know most people either roll in a little bit, or stay fairly neutral, but those are the kinds of subtle differences really that can make a difference in the type of footwear that’s going to work best for people.”

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