Now use Incognito Mode on YouTube!

The word Incognito basically means (according to the definition) –
having one’s true identity concealed or it could also mean an assumed or false identity.

YouTube had been testing a new feature which is known as the Incognito mode since May, 2018. Now in July, 2018, they have finally released this feature to all the Android users.

Although the iOS users or other platforms could except this feature in the near future.

What does the YouTube Incognito mode do?

Well, much like the Google Chrome’s Incognito mode, YouTube too follows pretty much the same principles. As the name suggests, the user would enter his Private Zone.

It can be useful in many instances, such as –

  • Browsing your favourite contents which may be wise to be watched alone.
  • The user could avoid any random recommendations to be added on his recommended videos list.
  • Your children could use it in order to avoid your recommendation list to be crowded with kid – friendly videos or cartoons such as Peppa Pig. Or you could avoid your children noticing adult related videos.
  • You wouldn’t have to struggle with the constant deleting of your private videos from your search history. The Incognito mode doesn’t include any videos among the Search or Watch History.

It should be noticed that this feature would still be noticed by your Network Providers. Hence, it is important to note that the guys who think they could watch videos at school or office, cannot do so. This mode lets the Internet provider, school or the employer to check on the user’s activity.

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How to use the Incognito mode on YouTube?

It is quite easy to use this mode. But before finding out how to launch the mode, you must install the latest updated version of YouTube. The version is 13.25.56, which is available in the Play Store. You could click here to install it.

Now that you have the updated YouTube version, all you have to do is follow these simple steps –

Step 1) Open the YouTube app.

Step 2) Click on your account’s profile photo which is at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3) Select “Turn on Incognito”.


Now, you could easily enjoy your private browsing.

Do note that the Home and Trending feeds are the only parts on the YouTube which can be accessible when Incognito mode is turned on. The Subscriptions, Inbox, Library, and Search remind you how content is hidden. You could click on these options but this would just provide you a blank screen.

If you want to add a video to a playlist when private, a button will appear at the bottom to quickly “Turn off Incognito while keeping your position watching the clip.

To turn off the Incognito mode, you need to just select you account’s profile photo again and select “Turn off Incognito”.

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