October update: Microsoft embarks re-releasing Win 10

Microsoft begins to re- release its windows 10 version. Changes made by Microsoft post fixing the file deletion bug. The software makes perform the changes. If you have downloaded the October updated version, it is recommend to not install it until new media is available.

“We have fully investigated all reports of data loss, identified and fixed all known issues in the updated, and conducted internal validations,” said Microsoft’s director of program manager, John cable. Users raised complaints stating that the apps did not connect to the network. This happened from the time the new update of 2018 has come into the picture.



Due to the bugs in windows 10, the files automatically deleted. Updated code introduced in the re-released version of windows 10 software. It’s helpful in deleting the duplicate and vacant folders.

“We will carefully study the results, feedbacks, and diagnostic data from our insiders before taking additional steps towards re- releasing more broadly,” explained by John cable. Company is making the changes to the feedback tools where testers can report the seriousness of the bug report.

“We have added ability for users to also provide an indication of impact and severity when filling user initiated feedback, “explains John cable “We expect this will allow us to better monitor the most impactful issues even when feedback volume is low.”  Added by cable.

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More details from Microsoft

Microsoft was planning to introduce the brand new update to all the users of windows 10 by last Tuesday. However, they have postponed the plan as they are still working on the major problem of deletion part. If the company’s data percentage of affected user is accurate. It is likely that this bug affected hundreds of people. Company said they will offer data recovery option but they cannot assure the outcome of recovery efforts.

Company continues to monitor the feedbacks regarding the re-release of the update. Which the users and the software testers provided. Once they are confident enough that there will be no further issues with the re- release update then the company will launch the update with the consumer s of windows 10. “We are committed to learning from this experience and improving our processes and notification systems to help to ensure our customer have positive experience with our update process,” says cable.

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