OnePlus TV To Have Dolby Atmos Support

With the release of the OnePlus TV in India in less than a month’s time, the company seems to be leaking out some major details about it. The latest information being the effective sound impact produced by the TV.

The OnePlus TV is said to have eight speakers along with a built-in Dolby Atmos support. With this new information, it’s quite clear that OnePlus has in fact set the bar very high for TV’s integrated sound system.

OnePlus TV To Have Dolby Atmos Support!

Built-in audio is usually pretty poor on TVs; requiring buyers to get an external source of sound such as a soundbar. This might not be the case on the OnePlus TV, though, as this Amazon India listing teases a “cinematic sound space.”

While a full spec list isn’t available, this listing confirms that the OnePlus TV will have a total of eight built-in speakers. Apparently, those speakers will offer a total of 50W of power. As 9to5Google points out, a comparable Sony TV only has two speakers and a total of 20W.

Further, the OnePlus TV’s speakers will apparently offer Dolby Atmos support and also “punchy bass”. Low-ends are generally a sore point for most TVs, so we’re definitely curious to see how OnePlus plans to get around the issue.

OnePlus’ entire brand is built on offering premium experiences at more affordable prices. So if the company can offer a high-end TV set that doesn’t break the bank, with speakers that don’t require a separate investment in a soundbar, it could add up to a compelling product. That said, it’ll heavily depend on how much the OnePlus TV costs, a crucial detail that hasn’t leaked yet.

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The new information on the speakers joins the other details that have already been revealed; the TV set will offer a 55-inch 4K QLED panel, and it will run Google’s Android TV operating system.

OnePlus TV Launch –

According to an announcement from OnePlus founder Pete Lau, the OnePlus TV will launch first in India; with launches to follow in North America, Europe, and China; “as soon as we establish partnerships with most of local and regional content providers”, they added.

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