Orson Bean struck and killed by car in Los Angeles

Veteran actor and comedian Orson Bean, 91 was struck and killed by a car in Los Angeles on Friday night.
Los Angeles County coroner’s office confirmed Bean’s death to the Associated Press.

According to them, his death was being investigated as a “traffic-related” fatality.

Los Angeles police told that a pedestrian was walking in the area of Venice Boulevard and Shell Avenue when he was clipped by one vehicle and fell.

Other by-standers tried to warn a second driver, but he also struck the pedestrian. Police said that the second collision was fatal. Both drivers stayed at the scene.

“The car coming westbound did not see him and clipped him and he went down,” said Los Angeles Police Department Capt. Brian Wendling. “A second vehicle was coming up, was distracted by people trying to slow him down and then looked up and then a second traffic collision occurred and that one was fatal.”

According to Investigators, it just indicates to be a tragic accident. To them, it seems that Bean had come between two vehicles when he was crossing the steet, he wasn’t seen by the drivers.
In his acting career, he had made over 100 appearances in television and film that spanned back to the 1950s.

His credits include films namely “Being John Malkovich” and “Miracle on 34th Street” and TV shows like “Modern Family” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.” He had a recurring role in “Desperate Housewives” from 2009 to 2012.

Bean had been married for 27 years to actress Alley Mills, best known as the mother in “The Wonder Years.”
According to some witnesses, she was at the scene.
The collision happened in front of the Pacific Resident Theatre, where both Bean and Mills were company members. Bean was crossing busy Venice Boulevard to the theater, where his wife was working, friends say.

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