Outfit to wear on celebration of life

Many people choose to celebrate the life of the deceased instead of having a traditional funeral. For which, many events which are personalized to the person are organised. It may include calling artists, organizing favourite sport events or picnics.
The biggest trouble comes with deciding outfit for the event. The outfit should be casual as the setting of event is very casual, but it should not be disrespecting the family of the deceased.

Following are some tips that will help you decide your outfit for the celebration of life event:

1. At celebration for life party, colorful clothes are opted instead of black. As, it is more of a joyous celebration than grief. So, look for vibrant colors. May be go for pink, yellow, blue, green.

2. No need to wear black.

3. Do not expose body too much. Ensure that your clevage isn’t visible, you aren’t wearing too short clothes. Jeans, skirts may work.

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4. Look out for theme, if the family has set up any. Wear accordingly.

5. If in doubt, ask your family about what you should wear, so that you aren’t disrespecting the person who passed-away and not even their family.

6. For men, wearing formal suit isn’t compulsary. You can wear jeans, t-shirt and even shorts.

7. Neither men nor women should wear heavy or noisy accessories, and keep it simple.

We hope this helps. Lastly, remember style isn’t important, what is important is you don’t disrespect anyone with your clothing.

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