Overlooked Things that Actually Helps You Grow

There are things that are considered distractions or timepass but can actually help a person grow if utilized properly. Through brainstorming, we have arrived at 3 things that can actually help a person grow but are often overlooked.

Scrolling Social Media

There are many cons to social networking sites and they have a major contribution in wasting our precious time throughout the day. Social media is nothing less than addiction and you can easily waste 3 to 4 hours. However, what many of you might not be aware of is that scrolling social media can actually help you grow and prosper in life. By scrolling, we mean mindful scrolling and not just random timepass. There are billions of od people who share their success or failure stories on social media and you can learn a lot from them.

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Reading is something that we are repeatedly told to practice. However, owing to the hype created around reading, one often forest the importance of writing. While reading helps to gain knowledge, writing helps to express the knowledge or the hidden or suppressed feelings. When you write, you actually storm your mind to collect all information which leads to better ideas and conception.


Thinking Nothing

This might actually surprise you but thinking absolutely nothing can help you in more than one way. Thinking absolutely nothing means allowing your thoughts to float freely without judging them. This actually is a type of meditation for strengthening the mind and achieve a state of peacefulness and a healthy mindset.

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