World Malaria Day Quotes 2021

World Malaria Day Quotes April 25th is commemorated as World Malaria Day every year to recognise the countries that are nearing the fight towards tje


Things You Should Stop Doing

Human beings are more likely to ignore their own feelings and how they feel about things. People are more inclined towards looking at the discomfort


Ways to be Honest with Yourself

We often talk about self-awareness and self-love yet we often forget about one of the most important aspects of self-awareness i.e being honest with ourselves.


Requirements of a Healthy Communication

Healthy communication helps in laying a strong foundation of a relationship. By relationship, we necessarily don’t mean a bond between two lovers. Communication is important


Things to Normalize in a Relationship

There are certain pre-defined notions regarding relationships we have been hearing for ages now. It is generally said that having a good relationship means that

Modern Generation & Dating !

    When I was in school, college the very first time I felt something for a girl was a very unique,different and amazing feeling

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