Pet Cat infected with Covid-19 after dogs found positive

A pet cat , whose owner was contaminated with covid-19 in belgium, has also been found to be infected with the virus in Friday, according to the health authorities.

Earlier similar cases were found in Hong Kong where two pet dogs were tested positive for corona virus during a screening campaign which was carried on seventeen dogs and and eight cats living in contact with people testseyd positive with the virus.

Cases of contamination of pets are rare and authorities ruled out any risk of contamination to humans from home animals.
The discovery was made by researchers at the faculty of Veterinary medicine in Liege, Belgium.

Doctor Emmanuel Andre, a government agency spokesman called it an isolated case which may occur due to close contact between animals and infected humans.

He akso told that the animals may get the virus by transmission from humans, but in no way animals be the vectors of the pandemic in our society.

The dogs who were tested positive in Hong Kong didn’t show any Symptoms, while the cat in Belgium faced some respiratory and digestive problems, according to the Belgian food safety agency AFSCA , in a statement.

“So far, there is no evidence that a domestic animal can transmit the virus to humans or other pets”, the public authority said.

As a precautionary measure, it is “strongly recommended” to apply standard rules of hygiene when dealing with pets: “avoid close contact with pets… wash your hands after handling any animal, do not let the animal lick your face.”

It is important to prevent the transmission of the virus to the animal and to prevent the animal itself from transmitting the virus to people.

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