Picture-In-Picture Mode is being Tested by Netflix

Ever worried that your movie or series on Netflix isn’t available as a pop-out much like its seen on your phones?
Well, it seems like Netflix would soon bring out this feature of picture-in-picture mode to the desktops as well. Currently, this pop-out mode is being tested but if all goes well, this would definitely be a great add on for all those users who watch Netflix on their laptops or desktops while working, playing, emailing, etc.

Engadget’s report on Netflix’s Picture-in-picture mode –

On the 21st of June, 2019, Engadget reported the following regarding this feature on Netflix desktops –

“Netflix appears to be testing a “pop-out player.” The feature lets users watch videos in a small floating box that hovers above other windows and applications, and the tool could be ideal for multitasking.

To use the pop-out player, users will click a small icon along the bottom of the screen. Once the new window appears, you can resize it and position it wherever you’d like. At the moment, subtitles are not yet available in the window.


Only one staff editor at Engadget has the option, but it appears some users spotted the feature earlier this month. Though, Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement. Engadget has reached out to the company to confirm.”

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How to activate this mode on your Desktops?

To activate the pop-up player, you simply click the button on the bottom toolbar while watching a Netflix show or movie, at which point the floating player will appear, hovering at the front of all the content on your screen.

The player is resizable, too, although subtitles don’t yet work with the feature. The pop-out player seems to be Netflix’s own integration, not one that uses existing picture-in-picture support from browsers like Safari or Chrome.

So try it on your desktop and let us know it’s working for you and if at all this would be useful for you? Or if Netflix should save the time and work on some other feature?
Do let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.

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