Piers Morgan humiliates Stella for appreciating Joaquin Phoenix

As the award season is up, fans want the celebrities to wear all new, lavish and fashionable clothes. The 77th Golden Globes aired on Sunday night, featuring Hollywood’s finest dressed at the prestigious ceremony. While, designers wanted their outfits to be the talk of the show. Among them was designer Stella expected due recognition to those, wearing her-designed clothes.

Stella uploaded a post in view of her one million Twitter followers, she wrote: “This man is a winner… wearing custom Stella because he chooses to make choices for the future of the plane”
“He has also chosen to wear this same Tux for the entire award season to reduce waste. I am proud to join forces with you… x Stella.”

Joaquin at 77th award ceremony in outfit designed by Stella McCartney.

(The post was written with good intention for Joaquin Phoenix)
Stella clearly expressed her appreciative nature by praising Joaquin of wearing the same clothes to save environment and resources by reusing and avoiding wastage. However, to an outspoken broadcaster, Piers Morgan and many other it mocked at it.
Stella took this post to twitter and, the  ITV host too, mocked at the designer by replying: “The SAME TUX? For MORE THAN ONE NIGHT?” he wrote in capitals to (emphasizing his sarcasm)
“Wow, this is an incredible sacrifice. Thank you, Joaquin – your planet is grateful.”
The general public didn’t appreciate or got inspired by this dressing, but rather reacted in a sardonic way.

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