Inspiration from Instagram: Pinterest redesigning

Few months before, Pinterest introduced a chronological following tab entirely dedicated to the people and boards you’re following. However, drawing inspiration from Instagram, it is redesigning its mobile apps with an “immersive single Pin format” by removing tiled images in favour of a simple single column post just like Instagram. Therefore, from now onward you will enter into the website just from the single tap.

From the last few months, it is giving some special attention to the user interface to make it friendlier for the users and to boost this medium for eCommerce. There are even horizontal rows of Pinterest-recommended accounts that you can follow.  By giving each individual post more real estate seems like a sensible move, especially when you’re browsing an image-based service on a smartphone screen.


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Aside from change in layout, the chronological feed still works more or less the same way as it did before. You can tap on a red “Save” button below an image to save it to a board, or tap on the image directly to be linked out to a piece of content. The redesigned, minimal approach to content makes Pinterest resemble Instagram in a way that shows only one post on your screen at a given time.

Additionally, Pinterest adjusted the feed to display just one image at a time. Not unlike Instagram, to allow users to scan more seamlessly from idea to idea. With the various options to view this feed, based on chronology or algorithmic patterns and the ability to switch between them, Pinterest is striving to give its audience as much control as possible. This veers traffic towards the creators – influencers, publishers, and brands.

The social network is also emphasising that the following tab makes it easier for holiday shoppers. They scroll from product to product. Pinterest serves over 10 billion recommendations every day.

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Change in Pinterest.

Pinterest is growing quickly. It has about 250 million monthly users. It has become a resource similar to Google, in that, it helps people find content and new ideas. Pinterest is also about sharing. This will definitely give users more control over selecting the choices by allowing to toggle between chronological or not, algorithmic recommendations or not, or a mix.

We are observing that it is losing its distinctly Pinteresting style becoming more commercialize. We hope it will not affect the original essence of the social media discover, which it is famous for. Will Pinterest stand toe-to-toe with Instagram in the future? That is likely to happen. Here’s to hoping!

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