Pinterest now turns out to be Social with Group Boards

Ever felt like having a conversation with your friends or family, on a particular pin on Pinterest’s Group Boards? Wasn’t it difficult to not be able to converse on Pinterest for certain birthday parties, or projects?

Well, that won’t be an issue anymore. Obviously having a conversation over a particular project was one of the main concerns of many people. Thus, Pinterest has finally heard all your voices and comes up with an exciting new update.

On the 11th of July, 2018, Pinterest gladly announced on their blog about the various new collaboration tools added on the Group Boards.

What exactly comprises the Pinterest announcement?

Well, basically Pinterest had always been one of those websites through which there was less socialization taking place. There were constant requests from various users regarding a means by which they could communicate among fellow users on the website or app.

With this collaborative tool as well as an Activity Feed on the Group Boards, (which keep tracks of all the activity by the users), Pinterest has clearly made the users’ wishes come true.

This was indeed a must have feature by the company, and people appreciate these new Group Boards with an extra zeal. Also, it is extremely easy to use and with all the amazing pins, Pinterest surely got way better and exciting!

Here’s an excerpt of what the company mentions on their blog post –

The majority of Pinners use group boards to collaborate with family and friends as they plan parties, events and projects together. These updates are in direct response to requests from Pinners just like these, and they’re part of our ongoing effort to make Pinterest a more productive place to bring events and other projects to life.”


What are the exciting new features of these collaborative tools?

Users can turn boards into group boards by clicking on the edit option within a board and adding other Pinterest users in the collaboration section.

The following are the various new exciting stuffs that you could do on the Group Boards –

  • As mentioned earlier, an Activity Feed has been introduced to the Group Boards. This monitors all the addition / changes.
  • Even if a member saves a particular pin, it’s easily notable.
  • If a new member or section or pin is added to the group, then all the members get notified.
  • The feed also helps in communicating with the other group members, which can be viewed by everyone in that particular group.
  • No outsider can access your group’s conversations.
  • You can weigh in with a quick “like” or comment, @-mention a collaborator or reply to start a new thread.

Is it Available to all?

This new social version of Pinterest has been available globally. Both the app users as well as to the website users could access it since the day of its launch.

You could download it from the Apple store by clicking here and you could download it from the Play Store by clicking here.

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Navaneetha Suresh

Navaneetha Suresh

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